addiClick Interchangeable Bamboo Needle Set


With these premium bamboo knitting needles, you can quickly combine the tips from various addi needle pairs with different addi cord lengths. Knit right and left with different tip gauges, change the gauges at any time, vary the cord and so on. Click – without a key or screws, just turn and click to start a new round of knitting. All cords and needles of the different addi Click cases are compatible. 

addiClick Bamboo needles use the best, sustainably-grown bamboo, sourced for many years from a special region of Japan. With thorough craftsmanship, addi have created durable, premium bamboo needles with extra-finely crafted surfaces. Bamboo needles are light and warm feeling. 

Set includes:

  • 8 pairs of addi bamboo needles ( 3.5 - 8 mm),
  • 3 gold cords (24", 32" and 40", gold-coloured closures),
  • 1 coupling gold-coloured,
  • the case, and
  • 1 addi gold brooch.

Made in Germany.